About Us

Love To All Communities, Inc.

Our Mission is to transform children’s lives by offering them an opportunity to have a better life and future.

Our Purpose is to provide a suitable environment for children. We give them access to proper nutrition, health, living conditions, and education.

We Promise that the children we help are in a safe and nurturing environment and never go hungry. We assist orphanages and institutions that care for children. This will include donating food, clothes, and other necessities, building or remodeling schools, clinics and living quarters, and teaching orphanages and institutions how to become self-sustaining.

Our Vision is to serve a large network of children, making a difference, one child at a time.

Planting the Seed.

logoRaul Lozano garnered his gracious spirit from his mother. Growing up in Mexico with nine brothers and sisters, Lozano marveled at her passion for helping the less fortunate in spite of her own hardships.

Lozano’s mother, Altagracia (literally Full of Grace), lost her father at age three during the Christian Revolution and grew up under harsh circumstances, which only served as inspiration for charitable works such as feeding the hungry and helping the Christian missions.

This in turn inspired Lozano. As a child, he collected donations for the missions and for orphans in other countries. At age 12, he was formally recognized for his efforts. After moving to the U.S. as an adult, Lozano reached out to orphaned children in his native land. Even though he didn’t have much, he gave all he could.

Lozano eventually became very successful in business and passed on his good fortune to the orphanages. But in 2002 his business failed and he lost nearly everything. Starting from scratch, Lozano struggled but remained devoted to the children. He implored family, friends, the community as a whole and received donations of clothes, medicine, supplies and more. But his endeavors were hindered because he was not part of an official charitable organization.

So in 2010, Lozano began Love to All to expand the effort that he is so passionate about.

And to grow the inspiration his mother planted.

Love To All